Big beginnings

Big beginnings

I’m so excited about the start of Kaprik. Beginning a soap company has been almost 8 years in the making for me. Between having 4 more children after beginning making soap, 1 big move, hours of homeschool time and LOTS of goat kids and farm busy-ness, I finally had the time to really put in the effort. 

So who am I?

My name is Tenny and I’m a stay-at-home, work-from-home, homeschooling mom of 8 children. We have a homestead where we try to raise our own meat, eggs, honey, maple syrup, milk and veggies. 

Why soap?

Have you ever had an abundance of something and not known what to do with it? That was me and goat milk about 8 years ago. We first got goats because I had 4 children and we were going through 5 gallons of store bought milk every week. At that point, milk prices were very high and it was difficult to keep my little ones(at that time age 6 and under) drinking the recommended amount of milk. 

Then we got goats- just two Saanens to begin with.

Why goats?

We had no fields, just rocks and brambles- but 5 acres of them. I was also lactose intolerant and we hoped that goat milk would be easier on my stomach.

All of a sudden I had more than enough milk. I was making yogurt and cheese and generally anything else I could think of that included milk(we had custard or pudding quite often). I had a cookbook of sorts that had a soap recipe in it. And really, the rest is history. 

We now milk 9 goats and have 1 doeling and 3 bucks. Then there are the 13 goat kids that were born this year. Since our move last year, they have enjoyed plenty of pasture time as well as accidentally/maliciously/on-purpose dismantling all the woody stemmed plants on the property. Poison ivy doesn’t stand a chance with our herd. 

In addition to goats, we have an assortment of laying hens, guinea fowl, ducks, geese, pigs, bees and a partridge in a pear tree.

I try to make soap as a way to use our amazing goat milk as well as make beautiful natural products for my family, and now yours. 

My next post will be on homemade soap and why it is better than its store-bought counterpart. Also on the list for blog posts- what’s up with the soap names? Stay tuned. 

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I had to go back to again in order to find the website, and then it gave me a selection of offerings labeled Kaprik. Good thing I remembered your opening lines, so I didn’t have to open each one to find the RIGHT one.

Shirley Kraus

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