Facts about homemade soap

Some important information on handmade soap.

Handmade soap is unlike what you will buy from a store. It is like the difference between a store bought cake and one you make from scratch. The store bought one looks nice and is uniform, the homemade one is probably a bit more rough around the edges(unless you're talented that way) and most likely tastes better and is better for you.

Homemade soap will look different every time you buy it. It is as unique as the person who makes it.

You may find the top almost looks dusty- that's soda ash. A cosmetic anomaly, but you can still use the soap and it will be fabulous.

Air bubbles, a darker color variation in the middle, the bar exuding moisture are all things typical for homemade soap. None are chemical problems, none should harm you when used normally(I.e. don’t eat it). 

Homemade soap will not lather and bubble like store bought soap. Did you know that lather and bubbles have very little to do with cleansing? 


Don’t be surprised if your skin feels different. Unless you’ve been using real soap(not detergent soap like most “soap” except for Ivory), the natural glycerin will react differently on your skin. You may need, for example, more lotion at first, and then significantly less the more you use the homemade soap. My soap is all super-fatted which means it has more fat in it than is needed to “just make soap,” so while it cleanses, it will not dry or strip the natural oils from your skin. That's a win-win situation in my book!