What ingredients do you use?

  Each soap comes with a label depicting all the ingredients from largest to smallest amounts used. Every soap contains goat milk, no water, and lye(which is written as sodium hydroxide). In fact, most 5 ounce bars contain over 1 1/4 ounces of goats milk!

Almost every soap is a combination of coconut, palm, palm kernel, olive, castor, rice bran and sunflower oils. There are also avocado and sweet almond oils used. Added to that will be various fragrances(both synthetic as fragrance oils and natural as essential oils), along with colorants such as oxides and micas. I try to use the most natural products I can while still making a beautiful and fragrant bar of soap.

 What if I want to know what specific fragrances are used in a certain soap?

  As the fragrance oils used are blends I make myself, I have not listed them individually on the label. I will be happy to give you specifics of the fragrances used, just contact me. I try to describe the fragrances so that you will have an idea of what the soap will smell like. If you have concerns about an allergy, I can give very specific information about the synthetic blends. 


 What makes it different from store bought?

 One word: glycerin! Glycerin is made in the chemical process of soapmaking. Technically, soap is made from lye and a liquid mixed with fats. But through the chemical change the soap goes through, it becomes soap and glycerin. Now, in homemade soaps, that's what is there. In factory made soaps, they actually extract the natural glycerin to add to other beauty products(like lotions) and add synthetic glycerin into the soap that they made. Crazy, huh? Obviously, the natural process is going to be better for your skin.

Why should I buy your homemade soap?

Goat milk! Very few soaps that have goat milk in them actually contain enough to be good for your skin. Most of our bars contain a whopping 1 1/4 ounces of the beautiful white stuff. Milk has to be dealt with very carefully during the soapmaking process. You will notice on my labels that there is no water, that's not a typo. This way you get the full fat from the goat milk, fabulous!


Why are the colors coming off on me and my shower?

It's perfectly normal. That is the reason that I use naturally occurring pigments like oxides and micas. I often sprinkle pigments on top and those are not affixed to the soap, so it is likely you'll get a little everywhere. They are not dangerous and are water soluble, so should rinse off you and anything else easily.