What in the world is “Hairpoo?”

What in the world is “Hairpoo?”

Is it like shampoo? Well yes, it is. 


Hairpoo is my take on a bar soap specifically used for your hair. When formulating this bar, i continued trying it out on my hair until I got one that worked well.

And that is saying something as at the time, I had over 2 feet or curly, wavy, just plain unruly, “does whatever it wants” hair. 

 So so if I can do it, so can you!



Step 1:

Wash hair with Hairpoo. If you have short hair, you can just rub the bar on your head. For longer hair, I recommend lathering your hands and then applying to your hair.  Rinse and repeat if necessary.

Step 2:

Make vinegar rinse. Pour approximately 1 T. (tablespoon) of vinegar in the bottom of a cup and fill the rest with water. Pour over hair and then rinse with water.


That’s it!


Your Hairpoo will not suds as much as liquid shampoo. That’s okay. 

It may take up to a week for your hair to get used to using a shampoo bar if you regularly wash with conventional liquid shampoo.



 There are some tricks you need to know that can help you:

1. If you have hard water, you may not want to use it. I know, I just told you not to buy one of my soaps! Not really. 

As I’m sure those of you with hard water know, cleaning residue is difficult. I recommend a water softening shower head. That will make cleaning your shower and your body/hair in the shower so much easier.

2. If you find your hair seeming greasy after a week(or seem to have product build-up at any time), rinse with a baking soda solution before using the shampoo bar(approximately 1 T. Baking soda to 1 c. Water).  Then lather as usual and use the vinegar rinse. It took me a week and a half with long hair to get to the stage where my hair looked non- greasy. It all has to do with the build up of product on your hair and scalp. 


Alternately, I know people who use kombucha or other such acidic things to rinse their hair. You are basically making sure your hair sustains the correct PH by rinsing with an acid.


3. If you usually use conditioner normally, you will probably need it with Hairpoo. I was a "handful" of conditioner kind of girl when I had long hair. Very thirsty hair. So while my hair is shorter, I still use conditioner after the vinegar rinse. But I tried it without for a month or so to see how well the natural oils on my scalp would hydrate my hair.

As a bonus, Hairpoo along with a vinegar rinse would be "Curly Girl" approved!

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