Collection: Kinetic Scrubs

Are you looking for something special for your skin? Look no further than our kinetic scrubs. They feel a bit like kinetic sand, but are amazing for your body. Full of real, skin-loving ingredients, these scrubs are great as an all over cleanser/exfoliater or just as a hand wash. 

Watch out! They are definitely addictive to use. 

What makes these scrubs different from all the other whipped soap scrubs you see online? The ingredients. Most whipped soap scrubs are made with detergent and not actual soap. My kinetic scrubs are made with an amazing, handmade product called whipped soap. It’s actually a cross between a liquid and a bar soap. There is a significant portion of glycerin added, both for texture and moisture. Also, stearic acid, a fatty acid found in good for you fats like Shea butter and cocoa butter, is added in its purest form: this makes the cream soap thick and smooth. In addition, our kinetic scrubs have sugar for gentle exfoliation, shea butter and sunflower oil for hydration, as well as things like essential oils, phthalate free fragrance oils and clays/micas for fragrance and color. 

Please note: there is no preservative in this product. While the product itself will not “go bad,” any added water can allow mold growth. So, using the included scoop or using clean, dry hands to scoop product out is advised. As with any product, discontinue use if irritation occurs or if the smell and appearance of the product is “off.”

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